Sunday, May 13, 2012


Well it's Mothers Day and were going to Taco Bell for lunch. And we are back from Taco Bell. Really fancy place to take your mother, right? It's her favorite though and whom am I to deny her, especially on this day.

I'm the eldest child in my family, the first to make my mother a mother. Born nineteen years ago to a mother who hadn't expected to have children at all, I was a small surprise. And I mean small literally, born two weeks early I was what the nursing staff termed a peanut. Anyway enough about me. She was thirty-five when she had me. I love my mother to death, for the freedom she's always given me and the trust she shown me. I inherited so many odd quirks and individual traits from her that I love. Also having a mom a decade older than most parents of children my age proved to be most amusing as a child.

I guess what I want to say most is: I love you Mom.

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