Friday, October 5, 2012

Period Drama or Period Procedural?

Amazon Prime is a beautiful thing. Especially when you discover they have the complete series of Cadfael and the fifth season of Murdoch Mysteries. Unfortunately those new episodes don't last very long. However to my delight I discovered Amazon also has some very choice period drama as well. I've already blown through Emma and am determined to watch Little Dorrit next. 

In other news I discovered Spotify this week. I now have playlist mania. At any rate I can now listen to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites while reading Say I love You (Suki-tte Ii na yo) by Hazuki Kanae without the computer glitching up. I was also elated to find that they have the Murdoch Mysteries soundtrack.

My sister and I have also been catching up on The New Prince of Tennis anime. We are half way through episode seven. I cannot express how wonderful it is to see our favorite characters in action again and here all  of the awesome seiyuus. 

On a spooky note, October is here! Which means Halloween is just around the corner! 
This calls for a Hammer Horror movie marathon.

And I'm out of things to write about.
I apologize for my lack of creativity.